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P.K.G. International is in the business of manufacturing of Electrical Wires & Cables,Electrical Switches and other electrical accessories in India.Since its inception,the company has symbolized entrepreneurial skills and pioneering spirit in the field of manufacturing top grade wires and cables.

The company is dedicated to provide quality workmanship , timely completion of jobs and meeting all customer expectations . The company has become a leader in the markets that we currently operate in. Our customer list speaks for itself. The company has thrived because of the hard work and dedication of our employees. This effort makes it possible for us to meet our goal to be the only source you need for any electrical system.

The company specializes in production of high temperature cables used as terminal leads in motors and generators. The Company is fully equipped with all manufacturing & testing facilities to manufacture PVC Cables in different voltage grades and upto 100 sq mm.

Cables are manufactured using best quality annealed, high conductivity electrolytic copper/tinned copper/top grade aluminum conductor insulated with special grade Elastomer/PVC compound.

P.K.G. Cables is a dependable name for safe distribution of power that lights up your homes and your streets, power that runs your factories, keep communication channels open all though 24 hours.